Sunday, February 27, 2011

And so it begins....

Yesterday marked the first day of my year-long journey as Miss Finger Lakes 2011. I am still at a loss for words in describing how blessed, honored, and excited I am for this new chapter in my life. I have been competing in MAO locals since I was 17, and the 5 years it took to get here was certainly worth the wait because I don't think this opportunity could have been presented to me at a better time! I can't apply the motto "good things come to those who wait" to my situation, but rather I can say good things come to those who persevere. Also, this has confirmed my belief that everything happens for a reason because each experience up to this point will prove to have been in preparation for me to represent the Finger Lakes organization and region to the very best of my ability!

On that note, I have big shoes to fill based on all of the incredible things that my predesesor Amy Valenti, Miss Finger Lakes 2010, accomplished during her year of reign but also in trying to match her level of genuineness, personality, kindness, and inspiration. In other words, hopefully Amy doesn't mind sticking around the Miss Finger Lakes family a little bit longer to show me the way!

To all the contestants in this year's pageant: When I say I absolutely did not expect to win, it's because every single contestant shined last night. I was lucky to have met so many new girls and to have spent the day with so many of my friends from the past years of competing in this pageant. I learned something new from each and every one of you that I will take with me and apply to my year of reign as well as my next level of competition... so thank you all for that! Another HUGE thank you for nominating me as one of the Miss Congeniality winners! I hope you ladies were able to comb out the "tease bump-its" in your hair that I gave you!

And so it begins... my year as Miss Finger Lakes 2011. I couldnt be more ready and I definitely couldnt be more excited.